Persse Farriers and Imprint shoes

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Simon and the team have been working on several cases using Imprint shoes. Imprints are an excellent aid to conditions and injuries when used in conjunction with remedial shoeing.

Laminitis, damaged hooves, foal limb malformation and poor conformation are common challenges for our farriers and Imprint shoes. With Simon's remedial shoeing skills, the Imprint products are a great tool to have in the Persse Farriers toolbox. Imprint therapeutic plastic horseshoes are made from a completely mouldable plastic, which mates perfectly with the contours of the foot. The team can treat a large range of issues including laminitis/ founder all stages, angular limb deformities, flexural deformities, hoof cracks, bruised and foot sore conditions etc. As you will see in one of the case studies Simon also uses Imprint Granules, another excellent flexible product in the range.


Key features of the Imprint therapeutic shoe

  • Non traumatic
  • Non invasive
  • Ideal for the treatment of laminitis
  • Completely mouldable thermoplastic
  • Easy fitting
  • Unique dual attachment
  • Wide range of applications
  • Eliminates nailing disadvantages
  • Bio-degradable plastic
  • Ultra light
  • Adaptable with Imprint Hoof Repair granules

Imprint day at Persse Farriers Forge, WCEH, Culmstock


On 30th August 2013, Persse Farriers were pleased to host a training day for Imprint products. The course was attended several visiting farriers as well as our own, Simon and Jack.


They were given demonstrations by Andrew Poynton on several clients horses who kindly agreed to be demonstrators for the day, all having had good experiences of Imprint.


The day was an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of Andrew, along with giving new methods and extra uses for the Imprint shoes and fillers that Simon already has available, within the skills and services of the forge. As the numbers on the course were kept low it was possible for everyone to have a great view of the product being put to use.

Simon using the products with Andrew Poynton looking on