Helen Goff and Sula

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Sula was diagnosed with navicular bone changes in 2005, when she was 13. Initially she came sound and was fine but in early 2006 she went lame again and following advice from Chris Johansson at Western Counties Equine Vets, Simon took a look at her and her x rays.

At this stage, my hope for her to compete at the Aldon 3 day Pre Novice in October seemed beyond reach, getting her sound was challenge enough! However, regular shoeing with heart bar shoes and gradual reshaping of the foot by Simon got her sound and she was back competing within a couple of months.


She qualified for Aldon with rider Claire Boumphrey and we got there in one piece. The trot ups were the most nerve racking part of the event but she sailed through and though not competitive due to her dressage (it was never her strong phase) the speed and endurance day was fantastic. Sadly, the ground was slippery on the final day and she had 2 showjumps down as we didn't have studs in front BUT she completed and came home sound and happy.

Since then, I have continued to do some Riding Club and unaffiliated competitions and 6 years on we are still going fairly strong!! Every hunter trial, days hunting or dressage test we do now is a bonus and Sula and I are grateful to Simon and his team for all their efforts to keep us going.